Copper Mines

Copper; besides the useful chemical and physical properties, with high performance in which it causes the electrical conduction of heat and electricity and particularly the electronics industry; It is one of the metals with high level of importance in industries such as machinery, chemistry, construction, and jewellery.

Copper’s hardness varies between 2-3 and its density is 8.93 gr / cm³ and it is very durable in atmospheric conditions. Usually; although it is deposited in a complex with sulphur and oxide, it can be found in nature as a less usable form. %80 Copper production of the world, is made from sulphur deposits.

Copper minerals are divided into three which are; oxide (Cubite - Cu2O), sulphite (Calcite - C2S) and carbon (Malachite - C2CO3 (OH)2)

Approximately 3 billion tons of copper reserves have been detected on earth and 4 million tons of it, located in Turkey.

Standard Boksitİşletmeleri A.Ş. Copper ore fields;

  • Erzincan Otlukbeli – Copper, Gold, Silver fields
  • TokatErbaa – Copper, Gold, Silver fields