Standard Boksit İşletmeleri A.Ş.

Standard Boksitİşletmeleri A.Ş. was established on 2014 to invest and operate energy, petroleum, mining operations. Our company operates in the fields of raw materials, natural resources, oil and energy; primarily mining resources and mineral processing and operating. Standard Boksithas the biggest bauxite reserves in Turkey and region. Standard Boksit has progressive and developing structure which aims to do mineral processing and set up alumina and aluminium smelter plants.

Standard Boksit creates value added products for economy and industry by operating rich mineral reserves, all kind of natural resources with increasing competitiveness and various mine investments.

Bauxite Ore

Standard Boksit shapes the future by adding proactive passion to global market conditionswith using innovative projects, accurate and multiple business models.

Standard Boksit has total of 23 IV. Group mining sites including 20 bauxite ore which is main raw material of aluminium, 2 copper ore and 1 steel ore and  prospecting licences for mining in various regions across Turkey. Standard Boksit has the largest bauxite reserves in 7 different district in Turkey and region.

100% of the company with paid-in capital of TL 20,000,000  is owned by Verusa Holding.