Human Resources Policy

Standard Boksit with the belief that our human resources are the most important element of sustainable growth aim to provide an honest and fair, non-discriminatory, safe and healthy working environment and equal opportunity where employees' personal rights are fully and correctly exercised and act respectfully to all stakeholders with whom it communicates.

Standard Boksit is committed to perform its commercial activities with integrity and ethically and comply with laws and regulations in every country it operates. Thereunder, Verusa Holding and its group companies also expect their suppliers to act according to the principles below on the basis of respect for human rights.

  • Respects human rights.
  • Offers career opportunities within the company in line with the competences and performance of employees.
  • Prevents discrimination in recruitment, waging, performance and employment contracting processes by age, gender, origins, religion, language, ethnical origins, faith, marital, social or economic status, disability, political views, participation and membership in union activities, pregnancy or performance of military service.
  • Rewards success with fair and competitive compensation policies, and effective and objective performance assessment systems and practices.
  • Aims to continuously develop and improve its human resources policies.
  • Protects its employees with the awareness that they have the right to work in a healthy and safe environment and working conditions in accordance with human dignity.
  • Aims to establish relations with our employees based on ethical and corporate governance principles.
  • Develops practices to keep employee retention and level of motivation.
  • Provides equal training opportunities for employees' professional as well as personal development without any discrimination.
  • Declares that employees are always obliged to comply with the laws and ethical principles regarding human rights, to fulfill their duties within the framework of fundamental moral and human values and to take maximum care in compliance with the rules, in otherwise, imposes sanctions on disciplinary action and termination of employment.

  • Expects employees to notify their supervisor or, where appropriate, the Audit Committee, in case of learning or developing suspicion about a violation of the Code of Ethics and Business Conduct and Implementation Principles, or the laws and regulations to which the Company is subject.

  • Keeps the notification of the employee strictly confidential and do not share with any third party in order not to negatively affect the peace or work relations in the workplace.
  • Prohibits any threats at or outside the workplace to an employee for refusing to act against the ethics rules and for making a report in good faith, also prohibits any retaliation or harm to be done to said person.
  • Declares that the primary duties and responsibilities of Verusa Group mid- and senior-level executives include informing all employees about Code of Ethics and Business Conduct, ensuring that employees adhere to these rules, and demonstrating the necessary effort and leadership regarding compliance with the Code of Ethics and Business Conduct, and, authorizes the Corporate Governance and Audit Committees for the implementation and monitoring of HR and Ethics rules.
  • Expects our suppliers not to discriminate in any manner based on race, religion, gender, nationality, age, social status, physical appearance, political view or marital status, recruitment, compensation, training opportunity, promotion and retirement practices, to create equal opportunity for their employees, and to comply with the relevant local, national and international laws, regulations and legislations regarding discrimination and harassment.
  • Expects our suppliers to be sensitive about not employing children and employ persons pursuant to the age limit defined in the legal laws, to ensure full compliance with laws, regulations, and legislations related to working hours, overtime work and wages, social benefits and legal holiday rights, to provide a healthy and safe work environment for their employees and to comply with all of the relevant human rights, work ethics and anti-corruption principles.