Bauxite Mines

Bauxite is a mixture of aluminium oxide and hydroxides with a hardness of 1-3 and densityof 2.5 to 3.5 gr/cm3. Bauxite ore is not a mineral with a homogeneous chemical composition and crystal structure,it is in the form of heterogeneous mixture of aluminium Oxide and hydroxides. Bauxite composed of four minerals which are; diasporite (Al2O3.H2O), bohmite[AlO(OH)], gibsite (Al2O3.3H20) and corundum (Al2O3). Generally Bauxite contains; Iron Oxide (Fe2O3), Silicon Oxide (SiO2) and Titanium Oxide (TiO2). Ninety percent of Aluminium production in the world is supplied from bauxite ore. Bauxite is the only mineral composition that can be obtained Aluminium.

Bauxite has a light earthy appearance but because of iron minerals usually coloured as a reddish-brown tones.

Aluminium (Al) has an atomic number 13 which is a silver coloured light metal with a density of 2.70 gr/cm3. Aluminium is one of the most abundant minerals on the earth after oxygen and silicon. Aluminium composed with oxide and silicate compounds in the nature.

Aluminium is a light metal which has many characteristic such as; lightness, electrical and heat conductivity, resistant for corrosion, easy production and more, because of this Industrial usage of Aluminium is extensive.

  • Aluminium is extraordinary conductive metal and it is far lighter than copper.
  • Generally; from four unit of Bauxite to, two unit of Alumina to, one unit of Aluminium has produced.

World’s bauxite reserves are calculated as approximately 55-75 billion tons and 30 billion tons of it economically operable. Turkey has 422 million tons of Bauxite reserves and 63 million of this calculated as a economically operable.

Usually bauxite minerals are formed closed to surface because of these open pit mining method generally used for operations.

From Bauxite to Aluminium, production takes place in two stages. Bayern Process; it is converted to Aluminium Oxide(Alumina) by calcining with aluminium hydrocyst (Hydrate) extraction in bauxite ore. Secon stage is; aluminium is obtained alumina by electrolysis method.

With the new technologies; 13000 Kws/t of energy is required to produce 1 ton of aluminium. Most noticeable part of aluminium production cost is energy with %40 of total cost.

SandardBoksit has the largest bauxite reserves in 7 different district in Turkey and region with 20 IV Group Bauxite Mining Sites;

  • Adana Tufanbeyli Bauxite Field
  • Konya Seydişehir Bauxite Field
  • Antalya Akseki Bauxite Field Akseki 1
  • AntalyaAkseki Bauxite Field Akseki 2
  • Antalya Akseki Bauxite Field Akseki 3
  • Antalya Akseki Bauxite Field Akseki 4
  • Antalya Akseki Bauxite Field Akseki 5
  • Antalya Akseki Bauxite Field Akseki 6
  • Antalya Akseki Bauxite Field Akseki 7
  • Antalya Akseki Bauxite Field Akseki 8
  • Antalya Alanya Bauxite Field Alanya 1
  • Antalya Alanya Bauxite Field Alanya 2
  • Antalya Alanya Bauxite Field Alanya 3
  • Antalya Alanya Bauxite Field Alanya 4
  • Antalya Alanya Bauxite Field Alanya 5
  • Kahramanmaraş Göksun Bauxite Field Göksun1
  • Kahramanmaraş Göksun Bauxite Field Göksun 2
  • Karaman Çukurbağ Bauxite Field
  • Eskişehir Mihalıççık Bauxite Field
  • Muğla Yatağan Bauxite Field