Standard Boksit has adopted ethics, corporate governance and responsibility as its fundamental principles. We aim to develop creative business models in order to ensure the protection of people, society and the environment and to meet the expectations of future generations with environmentally friendly and value added products. With our innovative structure; Standard Boksit has adopted the principle of producing quality projects with our sustainable and environmental policy which aims to provide better conditions for future generations by developing and implementing efficient and consistent environmental friendly projects, prioritizing society and environment.

Standard Boksit is one of the group companies of Verusa Holding and it adopts Verusa Holding’s sustainability code due to the consistency and transparency principals.

Sustainability Priorities

1.Enviromental Friendly Operations

Verusa Holding and all of its Group companies are aware of the fact that our natural resources are not limitless and with our sustainability approach in all our activities and investments and we aim to develop creative business models in order to ensure the protection of people, society and the environment and to meet the expectations of future generations with environmental friendly and value added products.

2. Social Responsibilities

Verusa Holding and our Group companies operate in the areas of social responsibility in order to take part in social projects that create value to society with the approval of our board of directors and continue their activities through student scholarship and donations to provide financial support to those in need to various foundations.

Within the scope of our sustainability approach, we provided support for education BoğaziçiUniversity students through “Verusa Holding Scholarship” which was established Boğaziçi University Foundation since 2015 in order to make difference in the life of the students in need and help them to overcome barriers that might hinder their success.

3. R&D, Innovation and Technology

Verusa Holding and our group companies place great importance on R&D, innovation and technology in all sectors in which we operate in order to better manage customer demands and provide value-creating products and service to all stakeholders in rapidly changing market conditions where competition is gradually increasing and adapt technological to business processes.

4. Occupational Health and Safety

With regard to occupational health and safety, we create production conditions that eliminate the risks inherent to sectors where our group companies operate and we take measures that go beyond the legal labour occupational health and safety requirements with the goal of zero work accidents.

5. Risk Management

In all our investments we develop solutions to minimize and eliminate potential risk in order to ensure the sustainability of our business activities and the trust of our stakeholders.

Corporate risk management is carried for our stakeholders and suppliers. Accordingly, internal and external risks are identified and analysed and risk management strategies are determined by Risk Management Committee and the internal departments, risk management of the company serves to increase long term return and growth within the framework of international and local standards.

6.Fight Against Bribery and Corruption

Internal audit units of Verusa Holding and Group companies carry out its audit operations in Risk Management, Financial Statements, Legislation and Compliance and Bribery an Corruption every year within the scope of legal obligations and requirements in order to fulfil their responsibilities and to produce the highest value to their stakeholders.

Fight against bribery and corruption, which is one of the utmost importance of our business ethics approach, is crucial to our reputation and our operations in diversified sectors. We expect all our group companies and their suppliers, our business partner and also our stakeholders to adopt this approach and act accordingly. Based on this approach we are committed to work in full compliance with the laws and regulations of the countries we operate and our executive managers and employees of the Group companies are regularly trained on anti-bribery and ant,-corruption policies and implementation processes.